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#1 - 572 39th St N

Lethbridge, Alberta

T1H 6Y2

P: 403-381-6806

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Are you looking to retire and hand over the farm to one or more of your children? Maybe just sell the farm? If so, there may be tax consequences that you may not have thought of. Please contact us for more information on succession planning.


AgriStability helps to deal with large margin declines. You may be able to receive an AgriStability payment when your current year program margin falls below 70% of your reference margin. To participate in AgriStability, please contact our office. We will provide you with an inventory book to track your grain and livestock.

AgriInvest helps you manage small income declines. You make annual deposits based on 1% of your Allowable Net Sales and receive matching contributions from Federal and Provincial governments.


A carbon credit is a measurement of greenhouse gas equal to one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is removed or replaced from the atmosphere. Carbon Credit Solutions will pay you 70% of the sale value of each credit. Carbon Credit Solutions will cover all costs. There are ABSOLUTELY no hidden fees or costs to you. We even hand deliver your cheque.
Credits are calculated based on ecoregions and your tillage practices. Our specially designed software program handles all information other than your farming practices. Credits are calculated based on approved government protocols, which can be found at

For example, an average no till quarter of land (160 acres) can generate up to 26.548 credits per year in the Parkland region.* You can claim the credits all the way back to 2002. So take the 26.548 credits X 7 years = 185 credits. Now take those 185 credits X $7.35**/credits = $ 1,359.75.
*see for more information