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IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

We provide registration services and fuel tax preparation for our International Fuel Tax clients. This is a voluntary program for truck drivers who commonly work outside the province to ensure proper allocation of fuel tax between jurisdictions. If you drive outside the province you are required to carry a permit each time you cross the border, or you can carry an IFTA license which allows free travel between provinces where you report fuel and mileage on a quarterly basis to determine your fee, if any.

To process IFTA we need the following information:

  • Mileage travelled in each province or state
  • Fuel purchased in litres in each province or state

Contact us if you would like to apply for IFTA, or would like us to process your returns.

Self-Employed Truck Drivers

If you operate a semi truck, whether you own it, or drive a company truck, you should consider incorporating your company. There are many benefits to incorporating which include a lower tax rate (corporations pay almost half the tax rate of proprietorships), and the ability to claim meals using the simplified method at $51 per day.


If you hire contracted drivers who drive your truck we are strongly recommending that you have them incorporate if they haven’t already. The CRA may determine that your contract drivers are employees rather than contractors. This can be very costly if the CRA hits you with past payroll deductions and huge penalties. Please contact us if you have unincorporated contractors that want to pay as employees.


As of February 25, 2011 the Alberta Government has discontinued the PROP & TEFU programs.